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Daniel has been working celebrities, CEO’s and superstars for more than a decade, this is  what some of them have to say…

I worked with Daniel during 2 pregnancies.  His individual focus on each person and their very specific needs is amazing. He is also incredibly knowledgable on the mechanics of the body. Male and female. Pre and post natal. I found his work-outs to be very inspiring and energizing and of course very intensive. Which is exactly the push I needed. Daniel introduced me to Pilates. His sessions are always strong and never repetitive…there is always more to learn. So it is always fun.
Naomi Watts, Actress
I cannot recommend Daniel’s program enough. With my four previous pregnancies I had at least kept up with a simple pre-natal yoga routine. During my fifth pregnancy, I stated to have less and less time to exercise.  After the birth of my fifth child, my lower back started to cause me a lot of pain. I had completely lost touch with my stomach muscles and felt tired and out of shape. By chance I saw Daniels advertisement for a “21 day program”. I had never done any structured program before but I knew I had to do something to keep up with the kids and my tremendous work schedule. I decided to go for it as a “quick fix”. Daniel assessed my body type and developed a program exclusively for me and my specific issues. The results were obvious after a few days. My lower back pain went away and I started to feel really terrific and in touch with my health and my body. I found myself aware of my posture and my muscles in my daily activities. The rapid progress actually made me want to exercise and make healthy eating choices. The routine became more challenging and it was exciting how I could do things in just a couple of weeks that I never could imagine when I started and could barely touch my toes. By the end of the 21 days I was in the best shape I’d been in since I was 18 years old. When I carried my baby around people were shocked that I had a four-month-old baby, let alone five children. My husband was traveling and returned at the end of my third week stunned at the change. He is never too generous with the compliments but he told me that I “had the body of a swimsuit model”! I even bought myself two pairs of new jeans for the first time in years. Even though it’s great to look better, I cannot stress enough how much better I feel. Rather than feeling exhausted, I feel energized. Now I actually look forward to doing Daniel’s program. Rather than a “quick fix”, it has become a needed and much desired lifestyle change for me. I cannot recommend this program enough, especially for mothers like me who are so busy that they end up putting themselves on the back burner. This program made me realize that by taking an hour a day a few times a week for myself, I can be a much stronger, healthier and better mother to my children. Jeannie Gaffigan-Mother of Five
Jeannie Noth Gaffigan, Writer/Producer
I was extremely fortunate to meet Daniel Loigerot early on and become one of his students. Exercising with Daniel was not only getting obvious results such as great posture but also increasing flexibility, strength and leanness. Patiently and progressively, Daniel taught me the immense gift of Pilates in its purest form. I first learned to feel and understand the profound connection between body and mind. I then learned how to convert this understanding into a tool with which to create positive energy and sustain mental strength.
Helene Freixe New York, NY
I have been working with Daniel on and off for the past 10 years. Having had several surgeries on my knees and shoulder it was important for me to train with someone who had a solid background in both physiotherapy as well as Pilates and overall fitness. He is truly an inspired teacher and I only wish I’d met him sooner so that I could’ve avoided surgery in the first place.
Liev Schreiber, Actor.
When extra detail and specificity is required, Daniel is the person of choice. After a careful assessment of your body, he caters a regimen unique to your requirements leaving you strong and revitalized after each session.
Emeka Okafor, NBA New Orleans, Hornets
There is no secret to Daniel’s extraordinary results. He inspires hard work and commitment. His experience in training elite athletes, his mastery of Pilates and relentless rigor as a teacher provides a powerful learning opportunity. Starting with Daniel at age 50, I avoided foot surgery, transformed my posture and developed the strength, co-ordination and confidence to take up riding horses with a passion. 
Sheila Mulrennan, President, Insurance Archaelogy Group
I admire Daniel, he is so knowledgable in his work and passionate! The sessions are always very customized for each individual and session never stops in one hour! He continues to research each individual client depending on their need and body type! I haven’t been happier about the way I feel physically in a very long time! I am obsessed with his method and discipline
Sara Beltran, Dezso
 I went to DLFIT Studio and I was really happy with the results. I went 5 times a week and got very motivated because results came fast. Daniel creates a personalized plan on a daily basis, DLFIT trainers are very nice and competent, all of them!! Everybody knows what they are doing and you do benefit from being exposed to different trainer styles. Good atmosphere, great trainers, fast results! 
Susanne Lixfeld


Daniel put together a specific program and plan for me to be ready for my wedding, rewarding me with toned muscles for my big day.
Ilana Nunn, Publicist

Daniel has made me physically attuned in a way that reflected in not just my alignment and core strength, but in a more positive state of mind. it also turns out i’m 5’8″ not 5’7″ 
Griffin Dunne, Actor

There is a simple philosophy that Daniel lives by: Lifestyle change!   But his method that he takes to get his clients there is beyond complex. Every minute of every workout is thought out and has a desired objective, whether it’s to strengthen, elongate, or just relax a muscle. Daniel’s method is based on a true athletes understanding of all aspects of his profession: mind, body, and muscular mechanics. Each exercise has an objective and Daniel will not compromise or break focus until the desired result is achieved. It’s this focus and dedication that took me from 7.5 minutes of running to 75 minutes in 12 weeks (a 10x return). The change wasn’t about pain, diet, or sacrifice. But rather a lifestyle change where each aspect had a direct result on some other part of my fitness regimen. . A simple stretch opened the back and made running that much easier or a certain leg exercise strengthened the stabilizer muscles to allow for a pain free run. The pain free run would allow my weight to drop and therefore allow the strengthening and flexibility components to be increased. I truly believe that Daniel is on a level far greater than most and using the word “personal training” doesn’t adequately describe Daniel. His ability, dedication and professionalism make him one of the elite trainers in the world.
Michael Wilens, Attorney. Took the Body Transformation Program: 10X return in 12 weeks

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