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DLFIT is the #1 Private Fitness Studio in Manhattan, NY. If you are looking for Body Transformation Bootcamp, Pilates classes, 5-Day Detox Program, our studio and expertise are second to none. Enjoy being healthy!


Spreading over 2000 sq ft. the DL FIT Studio offers classes in Wellness through:

Pilates: The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning was developed over ninety years ago by Joseph H. Pilates.  Pilates is one of the fastest growing fitness activities in America. Designed to increase flexibility, and improve posture, balance & coordination; Pilates focuses on strengthening the body’s core or midsection.
Pilates Reformer: A semi-private class held in the Pilates Area. All exercises are performed on a special apparatus called the Reformer. This class is a great introduction to the Pilates equipment. This class will improve overall muscle tone, strength and flexibility.
Pilates Tower: A semi-private class held in the Pilates Area. All exercises are performed on a special apparatus called the Tower. This class is a great introduction to the Pilates equipment. The tower workout requires a greater level of control, strength and flexibility.

Muscle Release Techniques (Stress Management): The application of a slow, prolonged stress using the DL FIT Ball, creates both stretch and relaxation. As the body relaxes, the body is re-aligned and the muscles loosen up.



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Come to our Soho studio and get a private workout with some of the best Pilates instructors in the country.Book session


Our classes are kept small to ensure you are receiving the utmost attention for your time, effort and money. Check Timetable


 One of our top trained instructors bring the nessesary equipment and come to your home for a private lesson.Read more 


DL FIT is comprised of an experienced team of well-qualified instructors that bring vast and varied experience to their teaching and maintain the highest standard of quality and safety.
We have provided intense fitness training to individuals over a span of 20 years and help our clients work toward a healthier lifestyle. By having the best instructors in our team, we can guarantee that the service, attention and training that you will receive are of unparalleled excellence.



The Pilates Tower offers a terrific way to get a whole body workout using the Pilates equipment. These small classes offer plenty of personalized attention with a focus on proper form and movement. Our Pilates Tower Classes have a maximum of 4 clients with one instructor.



The Studio is open 7 days a week, flexibly catering to different time schedules of clients wanting to experience the most rewarding Pilates in Manhattan. 


Finding a relaxing place for Pilates in New York City doesn’t have to be a challenge. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to take a Pilates class if you don’t want to. We have experienced instructors who come straight to your home for a private session. Our instructors can work with your schedule to make sure you find time for Pilates and New York City life.

EDUCATION :If you are looking for a personal trainer in New York, DL FIT offers a team of highly experienced, well-qualified instructors.  All our specialists hold an elite certification in the Pilates Method for Body Conditioning. Additional areas of expertise among our specialists include stress management, pre, post-natal, dance, post-rehab conditioning.

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• DLFit Ball, Pilates Ring, Resistive Tubing, Free weight, Foam Roller, Mat
• ONE-ON-ONE training with a DLFIT Instructor
• Wellness program tailored to the individual’s needs
• Instructors are available between 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
• Sessions typically last 60 minutes. We recommend a session frequency of 2 per week.
• Your Fitness program can be designed for one-on-one training or duet training.

DLFIT can provide you with a personal trainer in New York City who is experienced in developing an at home fitness program that guarantees results. Whether you are looking to maintain or revamp your personal fitness levels, our talented team of experts will design the perfect regimen for you. We offer the best personal training in New York City, and our exceptional trainers have the know-how to help you accomplish your at-home fitness goals. You can trust DLFIT to offer you excellent personal service throughout your fitness journey.




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