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The overall mission of Daniel’s program is to draw a clear picture of why the same exercises, which help your friend lose her/his belly fat, will not work for you.

A custom-­‐designed fitness training system based on your hormone body type instead of one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all fitness and diet plans. “Abandoning the “cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all” approach of other exercise and nutrition books, Daniel Loigerot’s program begins with an understanding that all bodies are not created equal.”

Our goal is to understand each person’s needs, without trying to manipulate calories. Experience a new approach to getting fit and losing weight. Our experienced staff is thoroughly trained in the art of Pilates, Fitness, Yoga, Dance, so you can be assured you are receiving unsurpassed guidance and support in your pursuit of health and wellness

Whether you come to our studio, or download the app, if you work consistently and follow the program, we can promise a whole new You!



Our workouts are based on body types:

Where do you gain the most weight?

These workouts will slim your waist, and tone down any back fat. Type A’s are often athletic, with an overall muscular build. They are solid, strong mentally and physically, with a great pair of legs. Men and women alike tend to have rather flat buttocks. Physical swelling from water retention often causes bloating, and you may tend to develop a beer belly if indulging in alcohol late at night. You are likely to gain weight around your mid-section, face and upper back.
These workouts will be a full-body skin tuck. Type T’s are generally tall with a lean appearance and a longer bone structure, which tends to gain weight evenly. Shoulders and hips are the same width, and in proportion to each other. Type T’s most likely have a stubborn or slowed metabolism. The type of fat accumulated is a spongy, waste-like product. If you are obese, you carry excess fat in your stomach and waist area. For women, you hold fat in your buttocks as well. If you have love handles, that is also a T-type trait. As a T-type gets older, women will collect cellulite in the hips and thighs, while men will collect it at the waist.
These workouts will create a flat stomach. Although this is most common in men, women have this body type as well. The predominant characteristic of a Type L is a “pot belly” symptom. There is swelling in the abdomen, which is due to accumulated toxins in the liver. This swelling may appear to be “fat”, but is actually toxic swelling which eventually will harden from pressure. Your body may start to develop right shoulder pain and you probably notice some back stiffness in the mornings.
You gain weight in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. These workouts will lift your butt and get rid of cellulite. Type G characteristics often include a rounded bottom, pear-like body shape, large breasts and thick hips with cellulite. Type G’s often have “saddle bags” and an “hour-glass” figure. They gain weight in the rear, the outer thighs and are generally narrower around the chest and shoulders. The type of fat surrounding a G-type body is a superficial cellulite, which is mostly below the belly button.





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