The DL FIT Pilates store has a great selection of wellness-related merchandise created by DL FIT owner Daniel Loigerot. Daniel has been in the Wellness business for over than 25 years. He has created workout kits, DVDS and Books in order to pass his extensive Pilates knowledge on to the public.


Whey to go – Fill, Shake, and Go – protein drink


Feature: Whey To Go, Fill, Shake & Go bottles contain 30 grams of 100% Whey Protein Isolate. Just add water or milk, shake and enjoy. A clean, convenient way to get the protein you need wherever you go.

Less Calories, No Sugar, More Protein, No Fat, No Carbs.Liquids are more readily available so get processed much quicker in the body therefore quicker muscle recovery. Available in 3 great flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry). Shipped orders come in packs of 10.

Price $36.00    

21: 2 experts 1 goal, 21 days to transform your body


“21″-  A groundbreaking new book that transforms the body inside and out in just 3 short weeks. Daniel uses his never before seen signature pilates-based techniques to re-shape, tone and build strength while nutritional pharmacist Elina Kaminsky gives you the food, herb and supplement protocol you need to not only achieve your goals but to maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.

Papaperback $19.95    

Digital version $9.95    

Pilates Multitoner


The Pilates Multitoner as seen on the Martha Stewart Show. The Multitoner with two different resistance levels built-in to the product

Includes: The Pilates Multitoner + 25 customized workout cards + a custom-designed shoulder bag

Goal: The Multitoner is the most effective target toning tool for your abs, buns and thighs. In ten minutes, you will slim and shape your thighs, firm and lift buns, flatten and tone your abs.

Price $29.95    





The Multitoner is the most effective target toning tool for your abs, buns and thighs. In ten minutes, you will slim and shape your thighs, firm and lift buns, flatten and tone your abs.

The DL Fit ball reduces muscle spasm, tightness, pain, neurological irritation, Increase blood flow, strengthen core muscles, improve flexibility and joint freedom.

Contains: The Multitoner, The DLFit Ball, Medium cable resistance.

Price: $57.00    

DL Fit Ball with DVD

corechallange ball

Includes: DL FIT Ball + Core-Challenge DVD using DL FIT Ball Goal: Use a hassle-free, pump-free Ball for engaging the stabilizer muscles. Train the core, upper and lower extremities. Improve muscle tone, build core strength , increase flexibility and take the stress and chronic tension out of the body. Add an extra dimension of fun and challenge to your workout. Running time : 60 minutes. Exercises can be modified to accommodate all skill levels.

Price: $33.00      

DLFit Ball & Beat Back Pain Instruction Card


Goal: Reduces muscle spasm, tightness, pain, neurological irritation, Increase blood flow, strengthen core muscles, improve flexibility and joint freedomDL FIT Ball retains its shape even through constant use and does not need to be inflated with a pump. It is non-toxic, odor-free and environemtal-friendly. With a 6″ diameter – it is easy to store and to use.

Price : $29.95    


Body Transformation Home Gym


Prepare to be challenged in Daniel’s latest work. This 4-week fat blasting workout is tailored to jumpstart your metabolism.

By selecting your body type, your problem areas will be targeted throughout your body transformation program.Our fitness plan contains a 5-day kick start followed by a 21-day body transformation.The combination of cutting edge definition moves, and high intensity interval training will help you tone your muscles, burn fat and achieve your goals, the body you’ve always wished for, in just 4 weeks.

Includes – 4-Week Body transformation program – Multitoner – DLFIT Ball – Cable resistance

These workouts require a Spinning bike or Stationary Bike and 3-5 lbs dumbbells

Type A:


Gain weight mostly in your abdominal region and upper back. Goal – These workouts will slim your waist and tone down any back fat

Price $199  $99.99    

Type L:


Gain weight below the belly button. Goal – These workouts will create a flat stomach


Price $199  $99.00    

Type T:


Gain weight evenly throughout the body text. Goal – These workouts will be a full-body skin tuck.

Price $199  $99.00

Type G:


Gain weight in hips, thighs, and buttocks. Goal – These workouts will lift your butt and get rid of cellulite.

Price $199  $99.00   

Get Fit While You Sit With Multitoner


It’s the healthy way to exercise when you are unable to leave the office

Includes: The Multitoner + Get Fit while you sit Instruction card + a custom designed shoulder bag

Goal: How good it would be if you were able to apply a program of exercises to yourself that would keep you healthy while you sit. Multitoner offers a fast, easy way to improve your posture, keep your muscles toned and flexible.Get fit while you sit with 12 exercises that will retrain your muscles to work better not just stronger. If your job or lifestyle keeps you sitting all the time, treat yourself with the Multitoner and the Get fit while you sit instruction card.

Price $29.95    



The Pilates Edge


The Pilates Edge  Avery Health Guides   Daniel Loigerot  Karrie Adamany  9781583331842  Books

The Pilates Edge- An Athelete’s Guide to Strength and Performance uniquely applies the Pilates Method to sports training, revealing how the basic principles of Pilates relate to athletic achievement as well as everyday health and fitness. With more than 200 photographs, the book includes a basic mat routine with as well as specific workouts for golf, running, racket sports, swimming, cycling, and skiing, giving special attention to the muscle groups and common injuries associated with each sport.

Price: $19.99    

Pilates Excellence DVD


Includes: The Pilates Excellence DVD is a three-part repertoire designed to give you long lean muscles, a firm and flexible body, and a healthy and energetic posture. Daniel and his assistant will demonstrate numerous modifications allowing you to personalize your training. Regular training is the key to success for wellbeing and perfect harmony between the body and mind.

Goal: Learn proper breathing and isolation of the abdominal muscles to produce flat abs, a thin waist, a strong back and good posture. Achieve your ideal weight, regain a beautiful shape, improve muscle tone and be full of energy. Simultaneously test your strength, flexibility and control, as well as your stamina.

Price $19.99    


DLFIT Workout On The Go Cards

– Stronger, Leaner, Longer. For Optimal Fitness at home or while traveling, this is the perfect Workout Kit, featuring 10 exercises. Includes – Detailed Instruction Card (Foldable & waterproof) with Resistance Band(Non-latex & Odor-free).


Tone your Lower Body

Price  $10.99   


Sculpt your Abs and Core

Price  $10.99   


Streamline your Upper Body

Price  $10.99   


Improve posture, Increase flexibility

Price  $10.99   

All cards – Price  $39.99   

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