Detox Weeks New York

detox week

Detox Weeks New York

Announcing The New Fall 2013 Detox Experience

5-Day New York Detox at DLFIT Studio

75 Minutes daily workout, customized cleansing juices & healthy meals


OCTOBER 21-25th

NOVEMBER 18-22th

Continue to transform physically while rebalancing and resetting your system internally in three life-changing weeks.

Detoxify and re-energize in 5 days with Daniel’s cutting edge definition moves, Vitahealth‘s customized cleansing Juices* and Whey to Go pure protein – a comprehensive detox and nutrition system that includes your greens, reds blend and protein. Detox is a time to restore health, vitality, and muscle recovery!

Combining Daniel’s Definition Moves with HIIT into one workout is the absolute fastest way to burn fat, build lean muscles and endurance all at the same time. This combination awakens and unlocks the fat-burning furnace inside of your body 24H a day 7 days a week.

Weight loss is not the sole goal: Through 75 minutes daily workouts, healthy meals, Q & A sessions, attendees develop a comprehensive understanding of how best to take care of themselves and how to continue their body transformation through the Daniel Loigerot Program

5-DAY DETOX. Following Daniel’s Detox Plan


– Start each day with Vitagreens / IMMUNITY / (Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger, Green Apple, Pineapple) to activate oxygenation, increasing energy and immune system potential.

– 75 minutes workout session

– Post workout, drink a Whey-To-Go protein (30 grams of 100% Whey protein isolate, No sugar, No fat, More protein)

– one hour later, drink a Zen red / DETOX / (Carrot, Apple, Beet, Lemon, Ginger, Celery) to stabilize blood sugar

– Green salad with skinless chicken or fish for lunch, skip the dressing!

– Post lunch, a Spice Aid / DIGESTION / (Lemon, Cayenne, Raw blue agave, Filtered water) will boost metabolism and aid burn fat post meal

– Cucumber Mojito / REFRESHER / (Cucumber, Apple, Lime, Mint) will reduce bloat and swelling around the abdomen

– Slim Girl / ANTIOXYDANT / (Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Cucumber, Celery) is a refreshing and hydrating combination which will help keep cravings at bay.

* All ingredients are organic, fresh, and raw made in-house at Vitahealth. No preservatives/water/sugar added. Unpasteurized and fresh after bottling for up to 3 days.

It is everything you need to jumpstart your wellness program.