Body Transformation.

4 weeks to transform your body

4 weeks to transform your body

In 3 easy steps
1) Determine your body type
2) Do the the one-week kick start program
3) Complete the three-week Body Transformation Program

Who is it for?
This program is perfect for all body types wishing to have a lean and sleek silhouette.
The workout/body options are:
Typa A: Gain weight mostly in your abdominal region and upper back.
These workouts will slim your waist and tone down any back fat.
Type T: Gain weight evenly throughout the body. These workouts will be a full-body skin tuck.
Type L: Gain weight below the belly button. These workouts will create a flat stomach.
Type G: Gain weight in hips, thighs, and buttocks. These workouts will lift your butt and get rid of cellulite.

What is this?
Want to burn out 450+ calories per session and simultaneously strengthen and sculpt your entire body? Oh, and by the way, you’d also lose weight. Then the answer is our 21 Body Transformation Program. By selecting your body type, your problem areas will be targeted throughout your body transformation program
Our fitness plan contains a 5-day-kick-start (house cleaning) followed by a 21-day body transformation (house keeping).
The combination of cutting edge definition moves, and high intensity interval training will help you tone your muscles, burn fat and achieve your goals, the body you desire, in just 4 weeks.

Why is it different?
The overall mission of Daniel’s program is to draw a clear picture of why the same exercises, which help your friend lose her/his belly fat, will not work for you.
A custom-designed fitness training system based on your hormone body type instead of one-size-fits-all fitness and diet plans.
Our goal is to understand each person’s needs, without trying to manipulate calories.
If you work consistently and follow the program, we can promise you a whole new body

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