5-day New York Detox Program.

5-DAY NEW YORK DETOX PROGRAM – 75 minutes daily workouts, customized cleansing juices and healthy meal recommendation. 

You want to lose weight, get fit and feel amazing! We make it easy with our healthy Detox Program that will help you re-energize and drop two pounds this week.
Detoxify and re-energize in 5 days with Daniel’s cutting edge definition moves, Vitahealth‘s customized cleansing Juices* and Whey to Go pure protein – a comprehensive detox and nutrition system that includes your greens, reds blend and protein. Detox is a time to restore health, vitality, and muscle recovery!
Weight loss is not the sole goal: Through 75 minutes daily workouts, healthy meals, Q & A sessions, attendees develop a comprehensive understanding of how best to take care of themselves and how to continue their body transformation through the Daniel Loigerot Program

5-DAY DETOX. Following Daniel’s Detox Plan

This plan outlines a juice and meal order designed to meet nutrient needs throughout the day, maintain ideal energy levels and support your body’s natural rhythms.
-Start each day with Vitagreens / IMMUNITY / (Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger, Green Apple, and Pineapple) to activate oxygenation, increasing energy and immune system potential.
– 75 minutes Workout session
– Post-workout, drink a Whey-To-Go protein (30 grams of 100% Whey protein isolate, No sugar, No fat, More protein)
– One hour later, drink a Zen blend / DETOX / (Carrot, Apple, Beet, Lemon, Ginger, Celery) to stabilize blood sugar
– Green salad with skinless chicken or fish for lunch, skip the dressing!
– Post lunch, a Spice Aid / DIGESTION / (Lemon, Cayenne, Raw blue agave, Filtered water) will boost metabolism and aid in fat burning post meal
– Cucumber Mojito / REFRESHER / (Cucumber, Apple, Lime, Mint) will reduce bloat and swelling around the abdomen
– Slim Girl / ANTIOXYDANT / (Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Cucumber, Celery) is a refreshing and hydrating combination which will help keep cravings at bay.
·       All ingredients are organic, fresh, and raw made in-house at Vitahealth. No preservatives/water/sugar added. Unpasteurized and fresh after bottling for up to 3 days

Tips to complete a successful cleanse:
·       Stay hydrated: drink a glass of water between each juice
·       Be kind to your body: treat yourself to a massage
·       Be active but pay attention to your energy levels, it is okay to take a day off from working out.






·       In order to take your body to the next level, get fit, lose inches and become vibrantly healthy, detoxification and body transformation is in order. Your body needs preparation before beginning a challenging program of cleansing and building.

·       Three days prior to starting the program, eliminate any foods that will limit your liver to rid your body of toxins; These include alcohol, caffeine, sugar and artificial sweeteners, dairy, wheat, processed food, cold cut meats, red meat, any canned, bottled or jarred food.

·       Keep a clean, simple, whole food diet consisting of mainly vegetables, lean proteins, low glycemic index fruit and plenty of purified water to help flush your system.



·       Come out of cleansing slowly without diving into nutrient dead foods. Take the next 3-5 days enjoying your new body and feeling more energetic. Stick to natural whole foods with more emphasis on raw or lightly cooked vegetables, soups, superfood smoothies and good quality protein.

Benefits: Dark green vegetables contain a cornucopia of essential vitamins and minerals essential for the cleansing functions of the kidneys and liver. Dark, leafy greens also give the system loads of water-soluble fiber to sweep toxins out. These greens are highly alkalizing to your cells—this counters the damage done by the corrosive acidic waste products from meat, sugar, dairy and other common foods. The iron in green leafy vegetables increases your oxygen-carrying blood cells, so you have more energy. Leafy green vegetables also provide more nutrients per calorie than any other food and support liver function, which is critical to good health.

Benefits: Lemons alkalinize your body, providing healing balance to the modern acidic diet. Lemons contain vitamin C, one of the body’s most important antioxidants for fighting free radicals, disease, inflammation and tissue damage.

Benefits: Hot cayenne boosts your metabolism, ups circulation and causes you to burn calories faster for a spell.


Benefits: Apples help regulate blood sugar and fight fat. Apples pack a power punch of Vitamin C.

Benefits: Pineapples- contain manganese, vitamin B-1, and bromelain which are essential for digestive health, energy production and fighting pain from things such as fatigued muscles
Pineapple not only helps digestion, it contains bromelain, an anti-inflammatory agent that helps fight heart disease and arthritis, as well as the mineral manganese, essential to energy production and cell protection.

Benefits: Kale- extremely anti-inflammatory and an excellent boost for the entire immune system.

Benefits: Cucumber- contain Silica- essential for healthy hair, skin, nails and muscles. Hydrating as well as de-bloating, preventing water retention.

Benefits: Celery- Helps support the immune system, cleanses and builds blood, reduces inflammation and helps the body get rid of toxins.

Benefits: Ginger relieves pain, boosts metabolism, anti-spasmodic, stimulates the digestive system.

Benefits: Carrots- promote good vision and cardiovascular health. The high Vitamin A content of carrots rejuvenates tired-looking skin.

Benefits: Beets- contain betalains which are phytonutrients that provide strong detoxification support. Beets boost blood oxygenation, which radically enhances cleansing.


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