“21” 2 Experts – 1 Goal


“21” 2 Experts – 1 Goal, Daniel’s new Fitness and Nutrition book helps people reach their goals in just 21 days! “21” features never-before-seen exercises, superfoods and nutritional support supplements developed to help men and women of all body types look and feel great. Abandoning the “cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all” approach of other exercise and nutrition books, “21” begins with an understanding that all bodies are not created equal. The book teaches readers about different body types and the specific needs of each type, as well as the different ways each type responds to exercise. Unlike other books that rely on unrealistic exercise expectations or complicated dietary changes, “21” features easy-to-follow exercise guidelines and straightforward meal-planning tips to help anyone get fit and feel better – not just during the program, but throughout an entire lifetime. The book helps readers clearly establish the changes they need to make to lead healthier, happier lives through a better understanding of the body’s nutritional needs and the development of an exercise regimen using Pilates based techniques and Daniel’s signature moves to tone and build strength.